Progressing your diet journey 🍎

How much to expect, how to deal with hunger

We have discussed in my previous post how to start a diet for losing weight, now let's set our expectations on how it should go.

⚖️ How much should I expect to lose per week?

Losing 0.5-1.0kg/week is the recommended amount, but as I have shown by my example, if you are morbidly obese (as the medical world calls it), then it's possible to reach 1.75kg/week in the beginning with not big of an effort, that's 0.25kg/day! 📉

If you do the same amount of daily workouts, volume of food and water, you will be able to measure the weight loss every day!
That gave quite the motivation for me, however you have to keep in mind after you have lost the first 25-50% of what you wanted this will decrease even if you adjust your calories and that's normal.

When you are opting for a 0.5-1.0kg rate of weight loss or reaching it by your hard work, it is usually mentally better 😌 to weigh yourself once a week, preferably the same day, same outfit (naked gives the most accurate readings), same time of day (mornings, before consuming anything), same scale, same location (scales cheat, just move it from a marble to a wood floor and it's off).

If you can bear with a slight movement in your daily weight without panicing, then you can still weigh yourself every day.

😫 What do I do about hunger?

Eat low calorie, high volume foods. Get yourself to like vegetables. For me the biggest motivator for eating chicken and salad is a good workout, it lifts you mentally and you don't want to ruin your 1.5 hours of work right after with some junk, so you may actually can enjoy a healthy meal.

Drink, drink and drink more! Body builders have a recommendation of drinking 0.4liter/10kg-s of body weight to stay hydrated to avoid muscle injuries, maintain metabolism and more.

My starting weight accounted for 6.2 liters/day, let me tell you: it can be done!
I won't lie though, it wasn't all water, as I don't drink coffee, I drank Coca-Cola Zero, around 3L/day average, that contains around 300mg caffein, equalling 2 stronger coffees I believe. It was messing with my sleep, but I wasn't aware of that relation at the time. It is recommended to NOT drink caffein after noon. 🕛
Most "fat burner" products are mainly packed with caffein to make your hearth beat faster, so your body consumes more energy.

6 liters: 1.5L when waking up, if you are big, you should be able to drink that amount. 0.5L with pre-workout, 1L during workout, 0.5L after workout, 2L during the day, 0.5L with your go to sleep case-in protein for building those muscles while getting in the required ~8 hours of rest.

Still hungry? Practice mindful eating: eat slower! Chew it 32 times, once with every tooth. Appreciate what you have on your plate, compliment the one who prepared it, even if it was yourself.

Still struggling to keep yourself on track? Gather family and friends to join you!

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