Enrolled in Precision Nutrition Level 1 Course

Furthering my studies about coaching and nutrition in 2023

I have enrolled in Precision Nutrition's Level 1 Nutrition Certification in late 2020, I was quite motivated throughout that summer, but it only became available in October when we had quite a few life changes to deal with, so I never get to actually start the learning on this, but as it cost quite a good amount of money, now it's time to pursue it.

They call their approach the Deep health, which works on multiple aspects of life.

The most interesting thoughts from the introduction are these: "coaching is about creating connection and a set of emotional experiences", "helping people feel how they want to feel". It's not about your workout and diet plan, if it doesn't change your life, it doesn't work.

Here you can find their quick assessment tool with 18 questions with 1-5 rating style answers, takes a few minutes, then you get your scores and tips that you can implement into your daily habits: Deep Health.

Let me know if you are interested in my learning journey with this course and/or if you are willing to be a test subject whom I can practice my new skillset with. 🙂

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