Comparing apples to apples

What's the difference between raw, sauce and juice versions
I have seen a Joe Rogan podcast short on Youtube a few times, where a celebrity mentions that by putting apples to the mixer it becomes a completely different kind of food. Let's see what changes take place when we blend an apple.

Fiber content

Usually most of it gets removed, therefore it won't be able to help digestive health, nor contribute to a feeling of fullness.

Digestion process

Apple goes through the whole digestive process, starting in the mouth, getting absorbed gradually, which helps maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Blending it breaks down the apple's cellular structure, which makes it pre-digested, therefore all of what remains in the juice can be absorbed quicker, leading to a faster spike in blood sugar levels.

Volume, quantity

1 liter of apple juice does not equal 1 kg of apples, usually 1.5-2 kg-s are needed. Drinking fluid is much easier than eating a hard apple. Next time you chug 0.5L of apple juice ask yourself, did you feel like eating 3-6 apples in one go? Double that if you finished a 1L box.

📜 As a rule for a healthier diet: eat, not drink everything that's not a fluid in regular form.

Comparing of apples to apples

Nutrient/AspectFresh Apple 🍎Applesauce 🥫Apple Juice 🧃
CaloriesLow (approx. 95)Moderate (varies)Moderate (varies)
FiberHigh (approx. 4.4g)Low (approx. 1.5g)Minimal (negligible)
SugarNatural sugars onlyAdded sugars commonHigh amount of sugar
Vitamin CGood sourceReduced contentReduced content
AntioxidantsRichReduced contentReduced content
Nutrient RetentionHighestLower due to cookingLower due to processing
PreservativesNoneMay containMay contain
AdditivesNoneMay containMay contain
Fiber ContentHighLowVery low
Oral HealthPromotesPotential riskPotential risk
Weight ManagementPromotesMay hinderMay hinder
Suitable for DiabeticsYesDepends on added sugarDepends on added sugar
Vitamin and Mineral ContentRichReducedReduced
Note: red fruits, berries are even better if you are looking forward consuming in higher volume while keeping calories in check; of course raw!
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